söndag 23 mars 2014


Ett geometriskt virkat halsband. 
Jag älskar att virka, jag fattar inte hur jag kunde vara utan att kunna virka.

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  1. Hi,Susan:
    I also love crocheting,but not the beaded ropes:-)
    Putting large amount of beads in the sequences makes me sick and tired.
    I have worked out my own method 'one bead at time' for the ropes,that look identically with the crocheted ones.
    This way I can design my patterns on JBead and make them look the same way.
    Your crochet rope's pattern is very nice,also the colors are fine.

  2. NAgyon ugyes vagy ,szep nyakek

  3. Zsuzsi! Ez nagyon szuper lett...fantasztikusak a színek is...nagyon vidám fincsi nyakláncot horgoltál!
    Gratulálok...nagyon szép lett!

  4. Nagyon belejöttél! Gratulálok!!

  5. Hello Susan,
    very nice, your new necklace. To combinate an geometric design with pastel colors is an amazing idea.
    Your patience is admirable!
    Greetings from Germany