tisdag 3 december 2013


Uppdatering till gårdagens inlägg

FB tog bort mina bilder igår från den sidan som jag hänvisade till. Dessutom stängdes hela sidan ner idag. Sen om det var FB eller ägaren själv vet jag inte. Huvudsaken att den är borta nu. Jag vet att vi var många som klagade på den.

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  1. Hi,Susan:
    I've read all this and Your previous post and I am so sorry to have read such unpleasant news.
    Not so long ago I had the similar problem a Russian woman has taken my design,s her 'own' and made the tutorial in public from MINE design.Luckily I reacted fast and she removed the film from YTB and apologized to me.Many of my pictures are stolen without my will and wish.All the big collection of them can be seen in Pinterest,though nobody has asked me even once if I agree to this,whether my photos were stored there.I do not have any wish to allow anyone to take my photos and store on Pinterest as 'the things they want to make'.I make my designs spontaneously and do not want to make any tutorials of my work available.
    I do not have the FB account,though I have been persuaded many times,that I 'should have one',as it is the 'good and helpful source of popularity and sales'.I do not care for that,as I always read in many places of the internet about lots of affairs on FB - I'd rather not take part in it,do not want to get victimized here.
    I am sorry -once again- for Your photos to have been taken and for Your sites to have disappeared.
    Warm Greetings and All the Best to You